We are growers and suppliers of plants, and have a fundamental role to play in supporting and shaping the nations landscape and environment. We are an SME in the process of implementing ambitious growth plans, and are determined to make a real, valuable contribution to our staff, local community and wider stakeholders. We have been implementing an ISO14001 accredited Environmental Management System since 2007, and this is our plan to take these ideas forward for the future.

(EA) = Externally Audited

sustainability plan october

This plan gives an overview of where we are now, and where we are going with a very brief view of some of the context. The real picture is complicated, and some of these goals interlink, support or contradict each other and broader company plans, but they are considered increasingly important in daily company operations and strategic decision making.  In line with the Regulations on Environmental Claims in Marketing, we will increase and improve our communication of relevant information to try and present a clear picture of the environmental achievements we are proud of AND those that are proving more challenging, in the hope that this will improve decision making, inspire helpful feedback and encourage others to do likewise.

Updated: 01 September 2022