Introducing Potback


An innovative plastic plant pot recycling process, aimed at reducing waste costs whilst protecting the environment.

Currently, plastic plant pots containing carbon black pigment are not widely accepted in kerbside collections, meaning many pots are sent to general waste, with landfill as a final destination. With an estimated 500 million plastic pots in circulation every year, the issue is far-reaching, and has contributed to a stigma around industry attitudes towards waste management and recycling.

Potback aims to minimise these issues by reducing the number of pots sent to landfill.

Potback facilitates the return of used Polypropylene (PP) plant pots to the Boningale Ltd site, where they are compacted and sent for recycling, guaranteed to avoid landfill. This streamlines waste management processes, encourages closed loop recycling and can be used as a marketing tool by clients.

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